Dr. John Malcolm (Mack) Smith Archives

In 2009, Glasfax established the Dr. John Malcolm (Mack) Smith “Glasfax Newsletter Archives”.

Mack was passionate and vocal about the need for assembling a complete run of all of the newsletters published from 1967 to 1984 complete with an index.

In June 1989, he made a presentation to District IV that started with the following statement:

“As most of you will know, I've been anxious, for many years to do "something" about the Glasfax Newsletters.  I did this for the following reasons – first, there is a vast amount of information, most of it unknown and unavailable to current members of Glasfax and secondly, an index complete and detailed, is desirable.”

Mack Smith

Mack Smith

Glasfax is glad to report that the electronic archive is complete and available to our members.  Each issue is a searchable PDF document that you can either view on site or download to your computer.  An index is provided to allow the reader to find articles of interest from the newsletters that were published over the seventeen-year period. If you are not a Glasfax member and have a specific research question please submit an Archive request with your contact information (i.e., name, physical address and email address) and your detailed research interests.