Glasfax Publications

From 1967 to 1984, Glasfax issued a newsletter that was full of articles, research reports and snippets of information. In order to encourage an exchange of information, we have initiated a series of publications that include reprints from this treasure trove. These publications are intended to share some of the valuable information that has been presented in the newsletters over the years. The purchase of these publications goes to support the endeavors of Glasfax including development of further publications.

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Artistic Cut Glass Catalog:  A reproduction of Catalog “A” Artistic Cut Glass Wares of the Wallaceburg Cut Glass Works for 1914. This is the only known document picturing the products made by this firm. Glasfax purchased and donated the original copy to the Wallaceburg and District Museum in 2001. Price, 19 pages: $10.00 (Members $7.50)

The History of the Gallé Vases:  Gallé is a name well known in the cameo art glass field and this reprint of the September, 1974 Glasfax Newsletter provides a first-hand view of its operations from M. René Dézavelle, a glass artist who worked in the établissements Gallé from 1919 until its close in 1930. Price, 106 pages: $15.00 (Members $10.00)

Canadian Bottles – Glasfax Project 69:  In this book you will find several Project 69 summary reports for bottles produced or used in Canada. Types of bottles covered include – beer bottles; Patent Medicine bottles; druggists’ dispensing bottles and a few other articles that may be of interest to bottle collectors and researchers. Over 100 pages!  Price: $15.00 (Members $10.00)

The Hamilton Glass Works circa 1865 – 1912:  The Hamilton Glass Works was the first successful glass company in Canada with operations commencing in 1865. This report was prepared by the Research Committee of Glasfax District VIII in 1971.  Even today it remains one of the best reference sources for details about this glass works. Price, 41pp: $15.00 (Members $10.00)

A selection of goblets made at the Nova Scotia Glass Company factory in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia between 1881 and 1892. L to R: Grape & Vine; NS Paneled Jewels; Ribbed Band; Starflower; Crown.  Photo: Sid Lethbridge