Links-Hot Glass Studios

Galactic Art Glass Studio - Virginia Wilson Toccalino has been a devoted citizen of the glass world since 1992, the year she first laid her hands on stained glass.  Virginia specializes in techniques that were mastered by the Venetians and held as closely guarded secrets for centuries.  "I feel a magical connection to the entire process of blowing glass.  My spirit is nourished and enthralled by the fiery glow of the furnace as it transforms silica sand into clear molten crystals."

Tsunami Glass Works - We specialize in creative solutions in decorative glass and glass related products. Using mold blown, or free blown glass techniques Tsunami Glassworks provides sculptural and functional accessories for residential and commercial spaces around the world.  Our crew designs and fabricates glass products that reference sculpture and incorporate utility. They combine organic forms with bright colors and a tactile finish.

Brad Jesson Glass Art - Brad began working with flame worked glass in January of 2008, and has practiced his art on a full time basis since February of 2010.  Brad creates a wide variety of both functional and non-functional glass art objects including marbles, vases, pendants, and sculptures.  A large part of Brad’s attraction to borosilicate flame working is the fact that this type of glass and therefore the medium in general is still very much in its infancy, leaving much room for growth and exploration.

Glen Williams Glass - This is a collective studio made up of seven independent glass artists and is part of The Williams Mill. The diversity of experiences and interests of its individual members fosters a creative and experimental environment.

Many of the current members are graduates of Sheridan’s Craft and Design program, and have also sought additional education through courses and workshops at the Studio at Corning Museum of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School, and at Fleming College’s Haliburton School of the Arts. Works made by the artists are exhibited and collected both locally and internationally in public venues and private collections.

Catherine Hibbits Glass - Catherine's love of the arts took her to Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, where she studied furniture design and glass blowing. Captivated by the fluid properties of glass, she focused her attention to this art form. The majority of Catherine's work explores the social condition; her imagery has a strong and deliberate narrative and she produces pieces that are both beautiful and thought provoking. Her work goes beyond surface decoration creating a sense of delicacy, mimicking forms in nature.